Since 2005, the Constanza Medical Mission has:

  • Treated over 8000 patients
  • Distributed $100,000 worth of medicine
  • Donated $150,000 worth of medical equipment and supplies to local clinics and hospitals

José Miguel

José Miguel is struggling with a major illness. He and his family are doing their best, but they need your help. Please click here to learn more.

Volunteer With Us

"It was one of the most fulfilling, exciting, and fun weeks of my life!"

--Constanza Medical Mission Volunteer

Our Mission

The Constanza Medical Mission is dedicated to providing evidence-based medical services to the people of Constanza in the Dominican Republic. Thanks to donations and the tireless efforts of our volunteers, we are able to provide health care, clean water, and desperately needed supplies to the people of this community.

Constanza Medical Mission Volunteer Guide

Constanza Medical Mission Volunteer Guide

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